Weight loss Myths

Are you fending off cheese as it’s awful for your heart? Or not consuming white foods in case they turn you obese? Australian dietician Fiona Tuck has busted the 5 main fitness myths, which you should ditch at the moment. Myth one: Cheese damages your heart Cheese bags a terrible name for resulting in mayhem […]

The reality of weight loss

LOW-FAT OR LOW-CARB? The battle continues on whether a low-fat diet or a low-carb diet has the longest effects on weight loss. However, new research has concluded that the two are actually equal in success (and failure) rates. Dr. Christopher Gardner put together a scientific team from the Stanford University School of Medicine and organized a clinical […]

Magic Diets

A couple of pounds here, a few more there. Weight gain for Matt Baretich, a biomedical engineer in Loveland, Colo., was insidious but steady. By his early 60s, he weighed 300 pounds. “As I approached that number, I was aghast and began to stagger back from the brink,” says Baretich, who’s 5 feet 11 inches […]