Reality of Fitness & Fitbit

The fitness industry has never been stronger. Health clubs in the United States brought in $22.4 billion in 2013, doubling their revenue in just 15 years. Sales of fitness trackers (the wearable devices that measure everything from your daily steps to your blood oxygen level) are expected to triple within the next five years. And health and fitness apps were the […]

The role of Fitness

Why a fitness support system works According to Dr Shafran and Kantor, also known as Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy at, you are not alone if you have tried and failed at losing weight. In fact, they say, 95 percent of dieters fail within a year and more than 70 percent of gym-goers quit […]

Plateau in weight loss

Have you been working out for the last few months and seen your progress slow down? Chances are you might have hit a plateau! One of the most frustrating problems that afflict amateur exercisers looking to get in shape is the weight loss plateau which can happen at any time, stalling your advancement. So what […]